A legend in Coffee farming, an example for cooperative society – Sri. L.S. Mahabaleswara

Sri.L.S.Mahabaleshwara born on 1939 in a poor Agriculture family in Madasur Lingadahalli village near Sagar, Shimoga District. He is an Agriculturist with full of passion, dedication, commitment and more than that he is a true scientific farmer. He worked as a supervisor in coffee plantation near Chikmagalur during 1984 and acquired knowledge on coffee cultivation aspects.

He established “Sagara Region Coffee Growers Counselling Centre” in Sagara during 1986 in order to provide technical support and marketing advisory to the growers of Sagara region. He is responsible for popularizing coffee cultivation in Sagara, Hosanagara, Soraba, Thirthahally, Sikaripura taluks of Shimoga district, Sirsi, Siddapura, Yallapura and Kumta taluks of North Kannada district.

He has reached more than 2,000 growers in the region to motivate and provide very correct technical advice along with he used to liaison with Indian Coffee Board for the best variety (Cauvery) coffee seeds. Later he raised coffee seedlings from his own nursery, thus he became torchbearer to several farmers and to youth to have seedling nursery. Hence, he was considered as a technical expert in the entire Sagara region of and supporting more than 2,000 farmers.

Further he decided that it is essential to have cooperative society to create a platform, which would mainly works on coffee and also support other crops. At present this society is having more than thousand shareholders of planting community.  Sri L.S.Mahabaleshwara succeeded in establishing  Sahyadri Pranthya CFRDM COS in Sagara Taluk of Shimoga district in Karnataka State during 2006 and he was the founder president of Sahyadri Pranthya CFRDM COS in Sagara. He thus channelized marketing of coffee beans, which was grown from the farmers with the collaboration with some of the leading coffee companies  from Chikamagalore.

He also further persuaded Indian Coffee Board, to grant a liaison office to support coffee growers of the region with regular technical advice as well as serving as bridge with grower’s society. With his deemed persistence and support from various senior staff from coffee board, he was successful to start coffee board office at Sagara during January 1992. He was quite instrumental in demonstrating a scientific coffee cultivation in the region with clear road map and now being popularly known as “COFFEE MAHABALESWARA”.

He was felicitated by the society on 4th September 2017 for his immense contribution to the society at large, unfortunately he had massive heart attack on 7th September, 2017 and passed away at his own residence leaving his family and the coffee community.

Sri.Mahabaleswara has delivered tangible, pragmatic results to shore up the coffee grower’s goal to secure long-term sustainable supplies of high quality coffee in the Sagara. He was instrumental in building the Cooperative society in Sagar with having a close rapport with Coffee Board. The organization has formed dozens of collaborative partnerships with Coffee Board and various other local agencies for the improvement and agronomic advancements for coffee.

He had a vision to promote scientific coffee cultivation, which would address various challenges and to encourage youth in Agriculture and engaging them with modern science and technology and to enable all the stakeholders and partners to work in single platform and focusing on the core-prioritized agriculture objectives such as agronomic challenges, climate challenge, post harvesting and marketing needs and to support on the integrative agriculture, so that small holding farmers and medium holding farmers shall be sustaining the agriculture.

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